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Timio Consulting Helps Business Owners Find Buyers.  We Sell Successful Businesses.  Let us help you find a buyer and sell your business.  


On 5/14/21 Timio Consulting helped close a sale of an existing profitable business to a great new owner with a 7 figure closing price.  My client got close to his asking price and it was a win win for all parties.  Please let us help you do the same.  We specialize in listing businesses that typically sell between $500,000 and $20,000,000.  We have contacts with great business valutation skills.  With a strong banking and finance background, we are best in class at being able to explain the benefits of buying and owning the business you wish to sell.   Please call us for a free consultation.  

Who we are, What we do:  We care.  We help our clients with the following: We help business owners with sound advice.  We assist with the tough decisions business owners often are in need of making.  Timio Consulting Helps Business Owners Sell Successful Businesses.  We help find Investors, Private Equity, Raise Capital, Refinance Commercial Loans, Construction Loans, SBA Loans, USDA Loans, New Purchase Loans for Commercial Real Estate, Equipment.  We are full service business turnaround consultants.  Call Timio first.  We are exhausted running into situations where we are mopping up destruction caused by your current consulting firm.  Don't let this happen to you... Hire us first.    From lenders to attorneys and CPA's that specilaize in the industry.  We can refer you to the right people. We are a unique niche full service business brokerage and business consulting firm.  Whether you need $100,000 or $500 million....   Make sure you check with Timio Consutling.  Ask yourself if you want the following for your business:  Strong Cash Flow, Increased Revenue, Increased Efficiency, Increase Profits, a real banking relationship. Don't wait to get this done... Call us.  With 30 years of commercial banking and bank ownership experience, we will make sure you get the best service.  We don't turn down difficult situations, we turn them around.  Did we mention we care about our performance and your situation vs. just making some money? We are different.  

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Timio Consulting, LLC

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Call Timio Consulting today to sell your business. We appreciate the opportunity.  815-557-0513   

Comprehensive Advice, Support, for small and mid-sized companies.  

Did we mention we care?  We are experts at mopping up destruction caused by other consulting firms.  We focus on what matters regarding increasing profits.  Not putting mechanisms in place that just wind up costing your company more cash.  There isn’t a businessperson or entrepreneur in the world who hasn’t, at least on some level at some time, sought and used advice from another to move their commercial enterprise along the path to success.  We work with business owners everyday and offer advice when needed.  Smart business people recognize it’s not possible for them to know everything about all the intricacies of running a company and there are times it’s advisable to reach out for assistance and advice.

At Timio Consulting, our team of independent contractors have the combination of skills and experience to help your business grow and stay competitive in this highly charged and active economy. It’s also good to note that their expertise is equally applicable to the mid-size business as well as the small company which focuses on its local area.  Call us to get your business running on all cylinders.  Just call.  If you value lasting relationships with consultants who care about you and your company, then just call us today.  

The Tools You Need

We have the experience and skill set you need to help steer your business toward consistent company profitability. With us, you can access support for a marketing plan that works and methods to reduce costs while increasing revenue. Once we take a comprehensive look at your business financials, we point out ways to improve your bottom line. It’s important for your company to have a strong accounting and banking relationship, and with our assistance, you will get there. We feel that there is no situation in which you cannot make your business better with our help.  Not to mention, we care about your situation!

An Economical Approach

At Timio Consulting, we know the mantra “time is money” is true for business owners, so we don’t waste either of yours. We reply quickly to all inquiries and thanks to our low overhead as opposed to other consulting companies; our rates are reasonable.

Our network includes business brokers, CPAs, payroll personnel, attorneys, insurance providers, and others to help with issues you may encounter while running your business. We we are prepared and are willing to assume a leadership role as an interim CEO, CFO, or COO.  We have helped many businesses and business owners in this function.  

About Us

Timio Consulting Cares about you and your company.  We want to help!  We have three decades of experience in small- and medium-sized business development and consulting. Call us first.  Call us if your current consulting firm is nothing more than a financial drain on your company.  Our team works hard for you no matter what the issue. We don’t turn down difficult situations; we turn them around. The contractors on our team apply their honest and ethical approach to areas from business loans to HR concerns to marketing. 

We focus heavily on: 

1.  Business Brokerage

2.  Commercial Loan Brokerage

3.  Full-Service Business Consulting

4.  Finding Investors and Capital

5.  We care about your goals.  

6.  Mopping up after a difficult situation or cleaning up a prior consultant company that left a huge bill and a mess.

Contact us to learn how our services can help your business grow. We proudly serve entrepreneurs in the Chicagoland Market in IL, WI, and IN.  Did you read the sections that we care?  Don't spend time on attorneys, accountants, employees,  who do not care about your time and success.  Our skills separate us from our competition.  Our caring about your success and company separates us as its our number one focus.  Let us refer you the best partners.  

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