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Who we are, What we do:  We help find our clients the following: Investors, Private Equity, Raise Capital, Refinance Commercial Loans, SBA Loans, USDA Loans, New Purchase Loans for Commercial Real Estate, Equipment.  Timio Consulting has also developed a Niche to assist your Legal Marijuana and CBD Business.  From lenders to attorneys and CPA's that specilaize in the industry.  We can refer you to the right people.  We can sell your business.  We are a unique niche full service business brokerage and business consulting firm.  Whether you need $100,000 or $150 million....   Make sure you check with Timio Consutling.  Ask yourself if you want the following for your business:  Strong Cash Flow, Increased Revenue, Increased Efficiency, Increase Profits. Don't wait to get this done... Call us.  With 30 years of commercial banking and bank ownership experience, we will make sure you get the best service.  We don't turn down difficult situations, we turn them around.  

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Timio Consulting, LLC

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Business Brokerage—Sell your business by listing it with us.  Timio will work hard to get you the price you deserve.  

Our Business Brokers will work with you throughout the process.  Our team will get your business sold.  

Quality Human Resources Management in New Lenox, IL

Knowing the needs and wants of your employees is crucial to maintaining a place at the forefront of the business world. Without great customer service and motivated employees, good luck with profitability. Managing your own staff well also enables you to face the future with confidence.

Sales and Marketing.

Don't settle for lackluster sales!  Even when the economy is soft and customer restraint is high, a business has to stay focused on Sales and Marketing. Let us come to you as an on-site resource to assist with sales and marketing. We'll provide helpful training for your current sales team.  Call us for a proposal today.  

Quality Human Resource Management in New Lenox, IL

Human Resources

You know the performance of key players is crucial to your company's continued success. We have a significant amount of background in human resources management, including experience in handling a staff of 250 employees.  

Let us help you with the administration of new or existing human resource policies. We also have access to third-party payroll services and benefit experts who are able to untangle worker's compensation issues, lower health insurance premiums, and eliminating liability concerns.  

Interim CEO

Timio Consulting, LLC can also function as an interim CEO, if necessary. For example, if you are retiring and do not have anyone immediately lined up to assume control of the business, this service can be extremely helpful. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed during the exchange-of-power planning process; with our highly-trained team members at the wheel, you can rest assured your company is in good hands.

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