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We Don’t Turn Down Difficult Situations, We Turn Them Around

Commercial Loan Brokerage

We help find Investors, Private Equity, Raise Capital, Refinance Commercial Loans, Construction Loans, SBA Loans, USDA Loans, New Purchase Loans for Commercial Real Estate, and Equipment.  We are full-service business turnaround consultants.

With over 30 years of commercial banking and bank ownership experience, we will make sure you get the best service.  We don’t turn down difficult situations, we turn them around.  Did we mention we care about our performance and your situation vs. just making some money? We are different. 

Merger Assistance

Sometimes, a company’s best strategy is to merge its resources with a second company offering different strengths. Mergers also occur when companies diversify to a seemingly unrelated industry to minimize the impact of single-industry fluctuations. Usually, this results in merging with a company that has broader market penetration in critical areas of operation. Regardless of your circumstances, a merger can help create a stronger business foundation. Count on us to help your business merger or acquisition proceed as effectively as possible. We have a proven track record, as well as a referral network suited for all company sizes.

Understanding Your Selling Options

You’ve decided to sell your successful business. Now, it’s time to consider the best transition options based on your industry and company size.

Some owners choose to sell to their management teams. This strategy reduces risk as these employees possess first-hand knowledge of your daily operations. Therefore, the business will experience minimal effects on operations, customers, and business culture. Additionally, you’ll enjoy seeing your workers benefit from the success you’ve created together.

Financial buyers are your second selling option. These buyers are typically well-capitalized, sophisticated, and able to pay larger sums than management teams. They also have more convenient access to human resources representatives.

Your third option is a strategic buyer. This group is comprised of large industry players looking to acquire businesses to enhance their current operations, products, or market presence. If all these options sound confusing, you’re not alone. There’s much to consider when selling your business. Fortunately, we’re here to help you navigate the process at every step.

Count on Timio Consulting to help you achieve a positive outcome. We’ll take care of all the details, allowing you to continue running your business. Contact our professional business consulting firm today to discuss your goals. We look forward to hearing from you soon.